SCS Ultra

Distance: 53km Participants: 23 Active: 0

LatLng: 50.327387, -4.635976
Elevation: 41m
Words: lungs.ethic.roosts
Nearest Place: Fowey, Cornwall
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Participants at Start
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 52.9km
Distance from Previous: 17.81km
Elevation: 30m
LatLng: 50.337035, -4.204309
Words: others.firmly.spent
Nearest Place: Millbrook, Cornwall
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CP1. Looe
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 20.92km
Distance from Previous: 20.92km
Elevation: 39m
LatLng: 50.361214, -4.438282
Words: remembers.comical.ground
Nearest Place:
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CP2. Tregantle Fort
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 35.09km
Distance from Previous: 14.17km
Elevation: 102m
LatLng: 50.358142, -4.265614
Words: raves.flopping.causes
Nearest Place:
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