West Highland Way Race 2023

Distance: 156km

LatLng: 55.941609, -4.314897
Elevation: 48m
Words: awards.tile.enter
Nearest Place: Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire
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Participants at Start
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 156.14km
Distance from Previous: 12.09km
Elevation: 6m
LatLng: 56.822121, -5.103035
Words: cheer.louder.dimes
Nearest Place: Fort William, Highland
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CP1. Balmaha
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 30.69km
Distance from Previous: 30.69km
Elevation: 38m
LatLng: 56.085799, -4.538694
Words: sums.touched.shuffles
Nearest Place:
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CP 2. Rowardennan
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 43.42km
Distance from Previous: 12.73km
Elevation: 13m
LatLng: 56.151668, -4.642107
Words: marble.handover.microfilm
Nearest Place:
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CP 3. Inversnaid
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 55.57km
Distance from Previous: 12.15km
Elevation: 25m
LatLng: 56.243303, -4.685026
Words: attitudes.cycled.revamping
Nearest Place:
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CP 4. Beinglas Farm
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 66.53km
Distance from Previous: 10.96km
Elevation: 32m
LatLng: 56.331110, -4.715991
Words: reforming.mailings.conjured
Nearest Place:
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CP 5. Auchtertyre
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 82.01km
Distance from Previous: 15.48km
Elevation: 178m
LatLng: 56.424712, -4.670204
Words: striving.exhaled.songbird
Nearest Place:
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CP 6. Bridge of Orchy
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 97.15km
Distance from Previous: 15.15km
Elevation: 162m
LatLng: 56.518098, -4.771249
Words: contracting.animates.riverside
Nearest Place:
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CP 7. Glencoe
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 114.49km
Distance from Previous: 17.34km
Elevation: 332m
LatLng: 56.633341, -4.827819
Words: movie.untrained.object
Nearest Place:
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CP 8. Kinlochleven
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 131.58km
Distance from Previous: 17.09km
Elevation: 7m
LatLng: 56.714492, -4.965679
Words: refreshed.mole.splice
Nearest Place:
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CP 9. Lundavra
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 144.05km
Distance from Previous: 12.47km
Elevation: 183m
LatLng: 56.751496, -5.108545
Words: handbags.pining.juniors
Nearest Place:
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