La Conquista

Distance: 649km Participants: 72 Active: 38

LatLng: 42.340217, -3.705328
Words: tourist.fictional.plans
Nearest Place: Burgos, Castille and León
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Participants at Start
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 649.21km
Distance from Previous: 79.93km
LatLng: 39.463093, -0.319500
Words: embodied.banks.activism
Nearest Place: Alboraya, Valencia
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Burgo de Osma
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 154.24km
Distance from Previous: 154.24km
LatLng: 41.585503, -3.070303
Words: stammers.trimmer.falafel
Nearest Place: El Burgo de Osma, Castille and León
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Total Distance to Checkpoint: 249.2km
Distance from Previous: 94.96km
LatLng: 41.171558, -2.433953
Words: spaceman.jamming.howl
Nearest Place: Medinaceli, Castille and León
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Molina Aragon
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 336.98km
Distance from Previous: 87.77km
LatLng: 40.843588, -1.885533
Words: divulges.trades.asserts
Nearest Place: Molina de Aragón, Castille-La Mancha
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Total Distance to Checkpoint: 468.91km
Distance from Previous: 131.93km
LatLng: 40.343723, -1.109738
Words: cautious.sober.overtime
Nearest Place: Teruel, Aragon
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Total Distance to Checkpoint: 569.29km
Distance from Previous: 100.38km
LatLng: 39.912853, -0.569122
Words: starts.sari.nippy
Nearest Place: Jérica, Valencia
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