Thames Trot Ultra

Distance: 76km

LatLng: 51.732320, -1.233460
Elevation: 65m
Words: power.proud.cape
Nearest Place: Cowley, Oxfordshire
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Participants at Start
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 76.11km
Distance from Previous: 12.29km
Elevation: 35m
LatLng: 51.533530, -0.898125
Nearest Place: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
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CP 1
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 12.16km
Distance from Previous: 12.16km
Elevation: 51m
LatLng: 51.668181, -1.278801
Words: toned.cheeks.votes
Nearest Place: Abingdon, Oxfordshire
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CP 2
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 27.26km
Distance from Previous: 15.1km
Elevation: 45m
LatLng: 51.636400, -1.155546
Words: casino.autumn.barman
Nearest Place: Benson, Oxfordshire
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CP 3
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 39.06km
Distance from Previous: 11.8km
Elevation: 45m
LatLng: 51.560427, -1.133990
Words: fattening.mock.outwards
Nearest Place: Cholsey, Oxfordshire
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CP 4
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 50.61km
Distance from Previous: 11.55km
Elevation: 41m
LatLng: 51.485961, -1.085462
Words: duos.baffle.looms
Nearest Place: Pangbourne, Berkshire
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CP 5
Total Distance to Checkpoint: 63.82km
Distance from Previous: 13.21km
Elevation: 38m
LatLng: 51.459887, -0.943074
Words: legend.bonds.asleep
Nearest Place: Reading, Berkshire
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